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What is a rack?

Ein  Rack  in  verschiedenen  Varianten  für verschiedene Nutzen

A rack in different versions for different uses
A rack can help you store all your technology in a neat and user-friendly way. There are rack cabinets of various heights that can be permanently installed if required. For mobile purposes there are rack cases with wheels, in various variations and shapes, to be able to store any application and type of technology in a mobile and easy way.


When we talk about a rack, we don't mean a cable storage flight case, but rather a unit in which purpose-built technology is networked and built together while being beautiful, easy to use and traceable.

Why a rack?

It's not about the technology, it's about the technician

Tech can be complicated, but a rack can show even the newest volunteer what to do with traceable cable routing. If there is a problem, even a layperson can understand each individual signal path and find the problem thanks to our careful sorting and labeling of cables.


For what need?

All technology can be in a rack

racks  can be found in any area yours Technology help. 

Video Rack, Streaming Rack, Monitor Rack, Audio Rack, Light Rack... There are no limits!

Rack cabinets can neatly hide your technology for the control area under the tables. You can sort your stage box and radio systems next to, under or behind the stage. Cases can be moved mobile to always be best placed at different events.

We can even build streaming systems and video switches for you in a rack with a monitor to offer a plug & play solution. A rack can serve as a shelf as well as a table. And you can always be sure of protected transport.


The advantages

What is the advantage of buying a rack from us instead of tinkering it yourself?

We think through the entire process of your needs. We evaluate what you really need, how best to assemble it and then test the system.

savings dir the time to configure things.

Make it easy for your technicians to work with technology; through our labeling system!

With us you have a contact person who is not only completely familiar with your system, but who is also personally at your side.


For your safe light control, with battery, computer DMX splitters or network nodes as well as control panels


A rack for a wide range of needs for radio systems, in-ear systems, storage space for microphones, stage boxes, battery chargers, Dante systems, interfaces, access points and more...


Video switches with computers, software such as ProPresenter and internal cabling for any number of cameras as well as outputs such as projectors, TVs, LED screens, multiple monitors or encoders...


A complete package to link and live stream from anywhere. Protected by a battery, with a streaming encoder, computer with the appropriate software, numerous input options and internal network cabling.


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