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CS Lewis

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That is the end goal. To create an environment where God can freely enter the hearts of those in attendance while minimizing distractions to the point where people are unaware that they are at church. That's what we care about, and that's what we think about all the time when it comes to tech.

Below we provide a high level of what we believe to be an effective approach to creating a worship experience that helps people focus on God.


As any church technician knows, there are a hundred and one things that need to happen for weekend services to run smoothly. From every lyric pusher to every microphone setting to every light setting and chair placement, it's paramount that in everything we do we focus on the most important part of the church: creating a space for people to encounter Jesus.

Yes, the equipment is necessary and important for even the smallest worship event, but we in technical production know that we are privileged to create this experience for the tens, hundreds or thousands of people who come and worship God.

We've been doing this at Summit for a long time and we know how easy it is for a service to become monotonous week after week. We are all guilty if we are jealous of the latest technology or feature to be introduced in next week's service.

In these moments, allow yourself to be both challenged and encouraged to focus on the opportunity you have been given to create a whole worship experience where people are fixated on Jesus at the center of the room.

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Not only do church production teams play a role in bringing people to Christ, but we can shape and shape the environment in which people can experience Jesus through their senses.

We see these moments as opportunities for excellence and opportunities for artistic beauty, not to be cool, hip or fun, but to create an incredible moment of worshiping God.

We believe that a service is not just a moment of the spoken word. God works in and speaks through every facet of a worship meeting and often uses the arts as a vehicle through which to draw people into a deeper experience of Him.

To create a worship service that draws people's attention to God, all areas involved in production must work together to create an immersive experience.

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For us, an immersive experience is one that is non-distracting. In a service, all the technical elements that contribute to the church staging should be there to draw people in without being the element they are looking at.

In other words, technology is there to improve the environment by removing it from the congregation's consciousness so that the congregation can fully engage with what God is doing.

There are many ways to create an immersive experience, and each church has its own DNA that makes those experiences different in many ways.

But if we take a step back and remember that our primary focus at every service is to use technology to point to Jesus, we quickly realize that we have an incredible opportunity to engage people in an intimate experience with Christ every weekend to pull.

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We fully realize that another tension exists in our culture surrounding the topic of church production. We're aware that production in church, especially in our modern day context, can very easily start to feel like we really only care about fancy toys and rock concert performances.
However, as we see this larger picture of what God is doing through churches all over the world today, we see production as a piece of this grand tapestry God uses to create an environment and an experience within a service that draws the attention of all people fully on Him.
He purposefully made all of creation to exist as beautiful, worshipful reminders for us of His glory and majesty. The heavens declare the glory of God. Let the earth be glad and let the sea resound.
When we stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or at the convergence of land and ocean, or on the summit of a mountain, a sense of awe and wonder overwhelms us with the glory of God displayed in creation, and we're far more inclined to more fully encounter God in those moments.
Similarly, we live in a digital age with access to all kinds of technology that we can use to create beauty that elicits a deeper experience of worship. Yes, technology can absolutely be abused within our church walls, but when technology in church production is used with a proper focus, there's no denying that the God who spoke all of creation into existence, whose creations have drawn us into deeper worship experiences of Him , can absolutely do the same through church production.

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